Recently, Chery and new dealer Al-SARAB AUTO jointly held a launch conference at the newly upgraded car showroom in Erbil, Iraq, and launched Tiggo 8 Pro, Tiggo 7 Pro, Tiggo 4 Pro, Tiggo 2 Pro and other new Pro series models. It marks Chery's important comeback in Iraq.

The launch of the new Pro series has received intense attention from Iraqi media and consumers. On the second day after the launch ceremony, many consumers came to the showroom for consultation and purchase.

Delivery ceremony for the first owner of Pro series model in Iraq

Since the beginning of this year, Chery's new Pro series have been launched in Russia, Chile, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and other countries, which are favored by global consumers and set off a "fashion" and "technology" Chery trend around the world.

Chery's sales have been boosted by the global launch of the new Pro series. In August this year, Chery Group exported 20,491 vehicles, the fourth time this year that the monthly export exceeded 20,000 vehicles. The cumulative export from January to August was 165,858 vehicles, up 162.8% year on year; In Russia, Chery's sales increased by 163% year on year, and its cumulative sales increased by 335% year on year from January to August, ranking ninth among all auto brands, surpassing Nissan and ranking first among Chinese auto brands. In Brazil, Chery ranked eighth in passenger car sales for the first time, surpassing Nissan and Chevrolet with a market share of 3.94%. In Chile, Chery ranked second among all auto brands with a year-on-year growth of 903%t, surpassing Toyota, Volkswagen and Hyundai to account for 7.6% of the market and 16.3% of the SUV segment, ranking first for eight consecutive months.

PRO series

Chery's huge growth in global sales shows global consumers' love for Pro series. The distinctive Pro features of the Pro series meet global consumers' new expectations for automotive fashion, technology and strong power.

"Pro Design" shows fashion style, which adopts a new sun-star front face design, matched with geometric matrix diamond front grille and LED headlight design, which is highly recognizable and impulsive; the interior adopts the enveloping cab design of the series, creating a dynamic technological cab.

"Pro Technology" brings advanced intelligent experience, with super clear central control screen, remote start, 360 panoramic image, wireless charging and other technological configuration, comprehensively surpassing those of the equivalents, bringing consumers with drive and ride experience beyond their expectations.

“Pro Power”combines strong performance and economy. Chery has the strongest engine research and development technology in China, with a total of 6 engines awarded the "Top 10 Engines" in China. The engines carried by the Pro series have powerful power and more economic fuel consumption performance.

In the future, the new Pro series will be launched in many countries in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia, bringing "fashion, technology and strong" Pro car experience to more consumers. At the same time, the launch of the new Pro series will also boost Chery to achieve better market performance.

Chery overview

Chery is a Chinese automobile brand with global influence. Chery has established a research and development team of more than 5,500 people through five global research and development bases, and has the most powerful research and development strength of engine, transmission, chassis and other core technologies among Chinese automobile brands. Chery is also the first Chinese automobile company to export vehicles, CKD parts, engines and vehicle manufacturing technology and equipment to the world. Up to now, Chery has exported its vehicles to more than 80 countries and regions, and has set up 10 overseas factories, more than 1,500 overseas dealers and service outlets, with nearly 9.5 million users worldwide, ranking first in the number of passenger cars exported from China for 18 consecutive years.