Season II of With Chery With Love launched in Russia

In September, Chery officially launched the second season of With Chery With Love, inviting users from more than 80 countries and regions to participate in online and offline activities with their own characteristics in different countries. Under the theme With Chery With Love, Chery organized more than 50 Tiggo 7 Pro owners in Russia and held a wonderful fishing competition in Moscow.

Car owner participating in the event

According to the results of the participants, 10 winners were selected. There were also games for children, such as soap bubble performance and trampoline. In the evening, they enjoyed a delicious barbecue and talked about the new driving experience brought by Tiggo 7 Pro. Car owners expressed their gratitude for the wonderful activities organized by Chery, and they felt the care of Chery for customers. Through this activity, Chery car owners became loving families. At the same time, people also expressed their appreciation for the superior quality of the Pro Family and Chery's professional services.

Activity site

In the future, Chery will also hold the second season of With Chery With Love series in other Russian cities, so that all Russian car owners can feel Chery's care.

Group photo of vehicle owners

In 2020, Chery tried to build a global user interaction platform for the first time, and held the first season of "With Chery With Love" activities. In September, With Chery With Love Season 2 kicked off its new journey, with events covering dozens of countries in Eastern Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Chery has planned a variety of online and offline activities in these countries, which are currently underway in Brazil, Chile, Peru, the Philippines, Kuwait and other countries. Users can participate in the activities through Chery's official accounts on Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

logo of the 2nd season activities

By taking With Chery With Love as a platform in the future, Chery will strengthen the connection between Chery and global users. By holding various activities, Chery will enhance users' sense of belonging to Chery brand, and create exclusive IP for Chery global fans -- "Chery International Fan Carnival", to build a global platform for interaction and communication between Chery and users.

Chery overview

Chery is a Chinese automobile brand with global influence. Chery has established a research and development team of more than 5,500 people through five global research and development bases, and has the most powerful research and development strength of engine, transmission, chassis and other core technologies among Chinese automobile brands. Chery is also the first Chinese automobile company to export vehicles, CKD parts, engines and vehicle manufacturing technology and equipment to the world. Up to now, Chery has exported its vehicles to more than 80 countries and regions, and has set up 10 overseas factories, more than 1,500 overseas dealers and service outlets, with nearly 9.5 million users worldwide, ranking first in the number of passenger cars exported from China for 18 consecutive years.